Top 5 Ways to Fix Corrupt Registry in Windows 10

Another time wasting app for children with an updated look and feel as well as many new features such as new brushes and tools capable of creating 2D or 3D models. If you want the text to be on a colored background, select “Opaque” from the background tools. Click “Color 1” to change the color of the text, and “Color 2” to change the color of the background. There are two ways to crop images in MS Paint, either selecting the part of the image you want to keep and clicking “Crop” or by dragging the borders of the image to the right size. When we edit an image, we often feel that one of the previous steps was better than the current edit. Paint 3D makes it easy to switch to some of the recent edits. Click on the History tab and use the slider to view previous edits.

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This will completely refresh the Windows system files and repair the Windows registry. A corrupt Windows Registry can prevent your computer from restarting, shutting down, or booting up at all. If you see a Registry error message, address it as soon as possible to avoid bricking your device. ● Open a command prompt window with admin privileges by right-clicking on the WinX menu and selecting the option that says Command Prompt (Admin). Another reason Edge may display the ‘This page is having a problem’ error is if you have hard-disabled IPv6 via the Registry. You’ll need to change the value for the DisabledComponents key to 0 (zero) by following the steps below.… Read more

How To Flash Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Firmware Stock ROM

The firmware shared on this page is officially released by the company and helps you to recover your device if you ever got bootloop, software error, update error, hanging and dead issue. If you are going to flash the above Firmware on your device, then it will erase or delete everything on your device like, personal data, photos on deveice, etc. SPD Upgrade Tool is a tool to flash PAC firmware for Android devices or Spreadtrum devices. You may upgrade or downgrade the Android firmware with flashing. Flashing will fix software issues, IMEI related issues, and improve device performance.

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We also created a video tutorial for the Read Codes Online, and for the IMEI Repair + Patch Certificate procedures to help you with step-by-step instructions. These procedures are based on a brand new method and they work on the latest firmwares as well! The device needs to be ROOTED but you can do that with the Chimera Utility. Redmi Note 4 MTK Flash File Firmware Will Solved Any kind of Redmi Note 4 MTK software problem On Your Redmi Note 4 MTK Android Device. You can use any of the following versions of Xiaomi Flash Tool to flash the firmware. However, we recommend using the latest tool version for Maximum Compatibility and Stability with the Windows OS.

This website provides you a detailed information about factory reset, hard reset, soft reset, recovery mode, download mode, safe mode, etc. Just flashing means changing the operating system (Android OS or phone OS). You can update your device with a recovery mode or Flash tool.… Read more

Redmi Note 4: TWRP Recovery of Stock ROM and Unlocking after relock

The installation process is quite similar to the standard Windows Application. You can follow the How to install the Qualcomm Driver page to install the drivers correctly. With Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon Android USB Drivers installed, we can establish a secure connection between a computer and a smartphone. It helps transfer files and data like images, videos, and documents between the computer and the mobile phone through MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon Drivers helps in resolving the connection problems between a Windows Computer and the device. Once the drivers are installed successfully a proper connection can be established between the two devices which helps in transferring the data to and fro from Phone to PC.

redmi note 4 stock rom repair my mobile

So, you can update your Xiaomi phone to the version you want. Xiaomi continues to release updates for their devices but sometimes these updates may take longer to arrive than normal. With this guide we are going to teach you how to install MIUI updates manually.

  • This is a closed beta update which features a new FRP Remove solution for OPPO phones with Qualcomm SoCs.
  • The phone is really a monster phone based on its processor.
  • Xiaomi Redmi note 4 mtk Global history Recovery ROM MIUI 9.2.28, Weekly android 6.0 firmware of nikel.
  • Xiaomi Redmi note 4 mtk Global history Fastboot ROM MIUI 8.12.6, Weekly android 6.0 firmware of nikel.
  • Xiaomi Redmi note 4 mtk China history Recovery ROM MIUI 6.9.29, Weekly android 6.0 firmware of nikel.

Xiaomi Redmi note 4 mtk China history Recovery ROM MIUI 8.8.31, Weekly android 6.0 firmware of nikel.… Read more

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Flash File Stock ROM Shri_Telecom ~ Shri Telecom Mobile Repairing Institute

If you flash your phone you will lose all of your data and your mobile will be restored in its original settings. If you own a Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro smartphone and want to Install Stock Rom or Firmware on it to unbrick or fix bootloop issue then you can download latest Firmware for it. In this page we have shared step by step guide to Install Stock Firmware or flash file on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro. Here you can download the latest and original flash file for Acer Android phone. Here you can download the best Android Flash Tools of Redmi 6 phone for free. You can flash the firmware (Stock ROM) with these flash tools.

  • Download Official Stock Firmware Flash File For Redmi 6 Pro.
  • So, launch the tool on your computer by double-clicking the ‘XiaoMiFlash.exe‘ executable.
  • Download Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Official Firmware ROM on your computer.
  • Android flashing means removing the stock firmware from the Android device and replacing it with the same version or any other version.
  • In this page we have shared step by step guide to Install Stock Firmware or flash file on Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro.

Provides fast Web connection for downloading apps, streaming content and staying connected with social media. Download official Stock ROM firmware for  Xiaomi Redmi 6, in the article you will Learn how to Install stock ROM/flash file on Xiaomi Redmi 6. Download Xiaomi Redmi 6 ROM (flash file) on your computer. The firmware comes as a zip package and contains the original and official firmware, Flash tool, driver and instruction manual.… Read more

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Firmware Download

This stock has been released by the company ROM official firmware File help to recover your Xiaomi device. Take a Backup (Causion)- If you are going to flash the Redmi Note 4 Mobile STOCK ROM, then firstly create Mobile all data Backup. Because the All data on your mobile will be deleted after flashing Flash ROM. Flash your device and install android latest version. STOCK Firmware update Check out below our free download options. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

In Airplane mode, Android OS disables your cellular network connectivity and turns off data. When enabled, you’ll see an airplane icon in the status bar, and your network strength bar is no longer visible.

  • You can also watch video reviews, leave a review of your own, take a look at the prices and buy the device of your choosing.
  • So before moving to the process make a backup and try saving all the existing data.
  • Fastboot ROM for China Redmi Note 4 MTK is Stable release and needed to flashed under the Fastboot mode of your Redmi Note 4 MTK (nikel) device.

Xiaomi Redmi note 4 Global history Fastboot ROM MIUI 8.8.23, Weekly android 7.0 firmware of mido. Xiaomi Redmi note 4 Global history Fastboot ROM MIUI 8.8.30, Weekly android 7.0 firmware of mido. Xiaomi Redmi note 4 Global history Fastboot ROM MIUI 8.9.6, Weekly android 7.0 firmware of mido.… Read more

Online Dating Safety and How to Recognize Red Flags

One of the key questions surrounding online dating is whether these platforms lead to long-term relationships. Some 53% of adults under 30 have ever used a dating site or app – including a quarter who have used one in the past year. This compares with 37% of those ages 30 to 49 who have ever tried online dating and smaller shares of those 50 to 64 (20%) and 65 and older (13%) who say the same.

  • “They are being tricked meeting up with people. And once they are getting there, they are actually taking money from them and things like that.”
  • Additionally, male profiles that had a biography received 69 matches while those without received only 16 matches .
  • There are also useful questionnaires that give you insight into your actually any traits and compatibility skills, which can help australia online dating game regardless of really hookup you end up using the most.
  • According to Pew’s survey, 44 percent of online daters say they are looking for a long-term partner, 40 percent are interested in casual dating, 24 percent want casual sex, and 22 percent are just interested in friendship.

Pluralities also believe that whether a couple met online or in person has little effect on the success of their relationship. There are some groups who are particularly wary of the idea of meeting someone through dating platforms.

Tip 2: Build a genuine connection

Dating experts reveal the common blunders singles make with their photos, bios and prompts. Here are the new rules around ending a relationship by Zoom or texts.… Read more

Starting A Paving Company

Are you looking for a business where you can get good profits, and there is no shortage of work? If yes, then why not start a paving business. Right from asphalt paving to create roads to the paving of driveways and patios in homes, the paving business is a wonderful business that you can do and earn good money every year. Here is a guide on how to start your own paving company. 

Develop Relationships with Contractors and Builders

Paving business is a business where it is possible to get work directly from homeowners. But if these calls are far and few in between, you can always depend upon your relationships in the industry. These builders and developers need paving services on an ongoing basis. You will never feel a shortage of work if you pay attention to your friendships and relationships.

Find Reliable and Honest Team Members.

Paving is a labor-intensive job, and you would need a large team consisting of not just masons and that operating equipment but also flagmen and estimators. The more reliable and honest your team members, the more efficient and productive your company becomes. It is not easy to find and retain honest and hard-working employees, but if you have a friendly nature and pay them on time, you can develop a wonderful team to make your paving business a successful one. 

High-Quality Work will get you more Business in the Form of Referrals.

When you start your paving business, it isn’t easy to reach out to your potential group of customers quickly.… Read more

Starting A Tree Service Company

Are you an arborist with complete knowledge about trees or just a common individual who loves and cares for trees? Whatever may be the case, there is a huge opportunity for you to turn your love and passion into a business opportunity by starting a tree service in your area. You can earn good money in this business and also feel good for helping others with their trees. It can be a very rewarding and interesting career for you.

Make a Business Plan First.

Knowing trees and love for them is not enough to start a tree service. After all, you are starting a business, and your objective here is to make money by fulfilling jobs in your customers’ premises. You need to decide on your area of operation and the tree services you can provide to your customers. Do you want to keep to homeowners or keen to look after the requirements of commercial clients also? Finally, you have to decide the prices for each of the tree services you will provide. Whether it is dying trees that need healing or something else, you must have quotes.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade

If you are an arborist or have worked for any other tree service in the past, it will be easy for you to start a tree service. If you have done an office job or have been involved with some other business, it is prudent to hire skilled and experienced people and learn from them on the job.… Read more

Starting A Roofing Company

There are many businesses to choose from if you have not yet decided which business you should do. Do you love how a roofing contractor installs a new roof or goes about repair work of an existing roof? Are you a roofer yourself determined to start your own roofing company? Whatever the case, you can set up your own roofing business easily. Here is a guide on setting up your roofing company.

Knowledge and Experience

Two things can help you succeed as a roofing contractor. If you are already a roofer, you know the ins and outs of the trade. But if you are a newbie, it is prudent to lay hands on as much information as you can gather from different sources. If you lack knowledge, you can tie-up with someone having complete knowledge about roofing products and techniques. Clients get peace of mind when they find that their roofing contractor is very knowledgeable. 

Read more

Starting A Masonry Company

Are you a mason or an individual looking to set up his own business? Starting a masonry business and ensuring its success depends on your skills and experience as a mason. You need a lot more than just basic skills in concrete and stone masonry. If you are prepared and have a solid business plan, you will surely succeed with your masonry company. 

Find Good Quality Workers.

Masonry service is a labor-intensive service with all the work done by human beings instead of machines. The success of your masonry company will depend upon the high quality of craftsmanship produced by your masons. Customers prefer to hire the services of a masonry company that has an impeccable reputation. It’s not easy to build your team, but you can easily get contact numbers of good quality workers to become a part of your team if you have been a mason. Remember, there is no substitute for good quality work if you are starting a masonry company. 

Lure Customers with Competitive Pricing

It is a fact that most customers want masonry work to be done in high quality on their premises. But some budget-sensitive clients are willing to award the contract to a new company if it is charging lower prices. You can use this strategy to get work and survive in the industry in the beginning when not many people know about your services. You can always increase your prices once your masonry company develops a name for itself, and you start to get referrals from your customers. … Read more
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